A letter to Derek McInnes

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Dear Derek

Please don’t leave. Since joining the Dons, you have provided us fans with much delight and restored our faith. There has been highs, the 2014 League Cup success for one and lows, like last year Scottish cup final. But overwhelmingly the fans have supported how you have rebuilt a team not just once but twice.

It is often difficult  when your childhood sweetheart (Rangers) re-enters your life. It questions your current relationship . But be assured, Derek, you are loved by the Aberdeen fans.

It is exciting times for the club and that is due to your management of the team and the boards vision. The overwhelmingly  support for the news stadium from the fans. We will get a new training facility and a new stadium. As the city as a whole sees the value of the facility and the team.

But it is you Derek we love. Like when you called out Pedro Caixinha for tapping your players or when you rejected the lucrative offer from Sunderland. We have grown to love your dedication, determination and professionalism.

Ambition is great and  we would never want to hold you back, Derek. But to leave to Rangers would leave us heartbroken. Despite being our fiercest rivals, as that would not convince you. It is the fact that as things stand we are in a better position as club. In Stewart Milne we have a chairman and the board who have invested in the squad and will do again. Compare that with Rangers where Dave King  who’s own lawyer declared him penniless. Is this the future you want , Derek?

Player wise we are can compete .How many current Rangers players would get into the Aberdeen team. Dorrans, Tavernier and Wilson maybe, but the rest would struggle. Aberdeen has vision and with the backing that can achieve much more. We may not be able to compete with Celtic but a cup is still possible. We came so close last year. That was down to you , Derek.

Your talent is appreciated here. opportunity will knock. Some bigger, more ambitious clubs will and are taking note of what you are doing. So please Derek don’t leave we can rebuild this club. There is more happy days ahead.

Yours Sincerely

A Lifelong Dons Fan