Women’s Euro Championship.A Game Changer


This week I will be heading off to the main sporting event this summer or at least it should be the Women’s Euro Championship in The Netherlands. For the first ever time Scotland’s national women’s team has qualified. Now I am no expert on the women’s game but the more I read and watch it is a really refreshing and growing sport. The women’s national league in Scotland is still part time and amateur in status. But it has come along way from the time when woman were not able to play on any SFA affilated club pitches.

Nutmeg magazine had a wonderful article on Rose Reilly recently . Who? I hear you ask well she is someone who actually has no equivalent in the Scottish male game. In fact she is claimed to be Scotland’s biggest footballing export due to the titles she won in Italy and France. And yet she is relatively unknown. The same can be said of Kim Little the current star player for the Scotland national team. Unfortunately she will not be in The Netherlands due to injury but her achievements in the womans game should not be understated. Kim  Little was voted a couple years back as the FIFA  World Player of the Year. At a time when the men’s game in Scotland is struggling we should be applauding the women for their progress. Against what can only be described as casual sexism. Which is why the Scottish women’s team media strike against the SFA was such an ahievement. It was moral victory a victory for fair treatment.  We need to tackle this in Scotland as the women’s game is huge in other parts of the world. In the US  where KIm Little was playing up to last year  crowds are often  over 50,000 and it is the fastest growing sport.

This summer our Women’s national team will compete against the best  teams on the continent. For a football obessed country like Scotland we should be right behind them. I certainly will be. The women’s game needs increased exposure and investment and this could well be the catalyst. What better role models for nation’s girls than real sporting stars who play merely for the love of the game.


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