A New Season, A New Hope


Well the new season is just about to start . Even before Wimbledon has finished the SPFL teams will be back in action. Rangers and St Johnstone  have already become victims to European giants from Luxembourg and Lithuania. But this is Scottish football, no longer able to eat at the top table of European club competeitions we have to settle for early matches against teams  currently mid way through their season. The average player in the SPFL is lucky if he can get his 2 weeks holiday in Benidorm before having to come back and start the rigours  of pre – season training. Of course whilst the players are topping up the tan the managers are scouting or signing new additions to the squad. Unless you are Derek McInnes where you are able to take time out from a holiday in the US and fit in a job interview in the sun before realising that despite the hype something in Scotland allways keeps you here. Fans know this and maybe now the media might start to learn. Scottish football despite it flaws is an addiction.

The transfer  window is still ongoing and more signings will come into Scottish football. Rangers have already signed the cast of a South American soap opera in the hope to close the gap with Celtic. Even Hibs have made a couple of shrewd signings whilst Hearts have bolstered their squad. And Aberdeen now look they have some money to spend after letting Johnny Hayes go to Celtic. We may not have the £75 million pound deals of Lukaku but we have signings which excite our fans . I mean how can the Hearts fans not get excited about Kyle Lafferty. Seriously it is the excitement of reading the latest transfer rumours,  who your club is being linked with. Even now with twitter fans are able to know if a player has passed his medical even before the player actually does. The excitement of seeing that player  being rolled out in front  of the media may have lessened with social media but the rumours and even the false stories still excite us. Some of course are more believable than others.

It maybe the sun, it may be absence of football for a short time, whatever it is, us fans come back with a renewed hope and believe. Dreaming of a season of success whether  that is a cup run or a European place. Regardless of our team or our history we always live in hope. Hope is the addiction in Scottish Football as no one not even the Old Firm ever achieves their dreams. We are perennially disappointed,but for a brief couple of weeks every year we live with a real sense of youthful excitement that maybe this year we can do it.


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