Rodgers – A man of influence.



Brendan Rodgers last week signed a new contract with Celtic committing himself to the Parkhead club. The influence that Brendan Rodgers has had on Celtic cannot be understated. This is a man who has taken what was an underperforming team last year and moulded them into a team that is dominating the domestic game and aiming for a historic treble.

As a Celtic man Brendan Rodgers was always going to be a popular appointment in the eyes of the Parkhead faithful. But Rodgers certainly came to Scotland with a point to prove after his departure from Liverpool. There will be many down south who would have looked in disdain as Rodgers moved north. It was a major appointment for Celtic but there was allways the danger that this was a fleeting visit. Not any more, Brendan Rodgers is here to stay. And we in Scotland should all be pleased.

Rodgers is a coach of undoubted ability and the gulf in class between Celtic and rest should not diminish what a revolution that has occurred at Parkhead. And it is a revolution that it is not finished. The players are clearly enjoying their football. he has managed to lift the performance of the players especially Stuart Armstrong and James Forrest, now international calibre players. The signings of Sinclair and Dembele was equally astute , by signing players that had a point to prove. And  boy, have they. On the Champions League stage against Man City they proved a point to those that belittle the SPFL  and big up the EPL. But it is clear that there is still unfinished business in the Europe . Rodgers will want to emulate both Strachan and Lennon and take Celtic into the last 16 of the Champions League. And nobody will now doubt his committment to do that now. He has already indicated that he wants a big name signing this summer to excite the fans. We can all wait in anticipation as Rodgers will be able to attract players of real calibre, as he is a man who can make careers as the current players are finding out.

What has not been highlighted though is the positive effect Brendan Rodgers has had on the Scottish game as whole . As a coach he is highly intelligent and is willing to provide advice to the SFA and anyone else to improve our national  game. Which can only be a good thing. Much this year has been about the race for 2nd. But actually the other managers in the league are being inspired by the Rodgers revolution, and raising their game. There are some good managers in Scotland  the most notable at the moment are McInnes and Wright, but even Alan Archibald is maturing into a very capable manager. When a man of  such reputationa as Rodgers comes in  to  manage in our league it does  raise the standard and our profile. Of course we would love it if there was a more competitive league but without a huge injection of cash the other teams will struggle to compete. But for now we should enjoy the influence Brendan Rodgers is having on our domestic game as it is not just Celtic he is improving.


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