Living Wage in Scottish Football

A couple of days ago St Mirren was named and shamed by HMRC as an offender in under paying a youth player the minimum wage. This  falls on the back of investigations going  on in Parliament into zero hours contarcts in which the SPFL gave evidence to. There are a few of clubs which seem to be setting a good example  Hearts, Rangers and a reluctant Celtic all pay the Scottish living wage. But there are some lower league clubs which are being investigated  for not paying youth players  the legal minimum. In this day and age it seems unbeliveable that clubs cannot run there operations without  paying the mnimum wage to their employees. We as supporters have never paid more for football either at the turnstile  or  through tv subscriptions and yet this does not seem to be filtering down to those that need  it the most. Much of the youth development is funded through corporate and fan sponsorship yet some clubs do not even pay the young players a living wage. Times are harder now in Scottish football, no longer will £12m be paid for failed EPL stars or outrageous wages paid to foreign journeymen, but surely we can afford to pay a fairer wage to our young players and catering staff for that matter. Most of the clubs are run by successful businessmen who suely must realise the advantages in staff retention and productivity in paying the Living Wage. Celtic were forced through fan pressure to implement the living wage  and maybe that is the real force to drive change. We fans tend to abhor the high player wages in the global game now but there should be a way so that money can be redistributed through the whole of the Scottish game.


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