There has been some high scoring results this week. Barcelona and Arsenal both on the wrong side of big defeats. And the best in my opinion as a Aberdeen fan was the 7-2 win against Motherwell. I struggle to think of such a performance in my time watching the Dons. I do remember a 6-2 for Aberdeen at Firhill when I was just  a wee lad. But incidently Aberdeen have won 8-0 and 7-2 in the past against Motherwell, allthough you need to go back to the 1970’s. It was as a fan wonderful to watch when you see your team buzzing with confidence sometimes taking the proverbial. The other team often capitualtes in these situations. As a Dons fan we have been at the other side of a drubbings normally on a visit to the East End of Glasgow. Whereas when you are winning you want the game to go on and on , when suffering a heavy defeat you wish the final whistle would come quickly. As players it must be hard to accept heavy defeats as most of them will have professional integrity   to maintain. As fans we will either go to the pub to celebrate or comiserate, but even  excessive amounts of alcohol does not numb the pain or lead to forgetfulness. No as a fan you will allways remember these matches whether winning or losing . The highs and lows that football fans experience is what being a fan about is. Many fans will glory hunt and follow a top EPL team  saying that the quality of football is superior, but even then they are some dull.matches. One thing a 7-2 match is not is dull.It maybe joyful at the moment but as night will follow day we know that sometime in the future we will feel exactly as the Motherwell fans did on Wednesday night. Give me the ectasy and agony over mundane 1-0 matches any day.


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