Off Field Leadership

Well the less said about the PR disaster in Mark Warburton’s departure from Rangers  the better. But it does ask the quetions as to who is in charge at Rangers  and where is the leadership. We as fans are told that football is a business and we are coming to reluctantly accept this. But in business as on the park you need leaders people who set and drive the ambition throughout the club.   A chairman in David King who does  not even speak to the manager  and lives pemanently in South Africa does not inspire confidence. This seeems a strange relationship and one which can only filter down throughout the club. It shows a real lack of commitment and yet he expects  the same of Warburton. The statement issued by the club seemed only to strengthen this view with a defense that the blame lay with the management team. The claim that £18m has been invested is also questionable. A club that is rebuilding and still has it financial troubles needs  strong leadership and corporate governance at board level that seems lacking in this situation.
If we are were to compare this to Hearts were Ann Budge has led by example getting in order the business side of the club. The football operations overseen by Craig Levein. Only by having  a strong chairman  and one who gets on with manager can a club  be successful. At all clubs the most successful are those where the board work together with the management. Fans may not allways agree with the board decisons but they can accept them if the see that there is an ambition to suceed.
Time will tell as to who the new manager of Rangers will be but what is clear that relationships between the mangemnet and the board will need to improve if there is any hope of Rangers getting back to the level they once compated at.


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